Fall Tackle Football & Cheer Registration Information

2024 Fall Registration is NOW CLOSED!

Who is eligible?

Cheer is grade based 1st-8th and Football is grade based.

Little Tikes 8U (2nd or 3rd grade for the school year 2024/25)
Mighty Mites 9U (4th grade for the school year 2024/25)
Pee Wees 10U (5th grade for the school year 2024/25)
Bantams 11U (6th grade for the school year 2024/25)
Juniors 12U (7th grade for the school year 2024/25)
Cruisers 14U (9th grade for the school year 2024/25)

What is the cost to register?

Football is $595 and includes

o Game and Practice Jerseys and game socks the players get to keep
o Use of helmet, pads, practice and game pants
o Athletes must provide cleats and mouth guards
o Off season agility and training camps
o Custom player sweatshirt

Cheer is $550 and includes:

o Crop
o Briefs
o Shoes
o 1 Bow
o Practice T-shirt
o Use of shell and skirt
o Cinch Bag
o Rain Jacket

** Athletes must purchase a uniform jacket and black tights.

**$25 addition fee for comp teams; additional extended season fees apply to Varsity team**


Each Football player and Cheer Athlete is required to submit a deposit post dated check for $400/Football and $400/Cheer in order to receive their equipment & uniforms. This check will not be cashed and will be returned to each player when they turn in their equipment after the season has concluded. We will collect these checks at the equipment hand out in July.


Tahoma Jr. Bears Football and Cheer is a non-profit organization that is based entirely on the volunteer efforts of the coaches and board members. But we also need your help. A $400 Volunteer deposit postdated check PER athlete is also required. We will hold these postdated checks (similar to the equipment checks). Your uncashed check will be returned to you as long as you volunteer the required hours. Required hours will be determined by the Board of Directors at the start of each season and shall range between 4-6 hours. Alternatively, you can "buy out" volunteer time by just paying the money as well if that's what they would prefer. We also will collect these checks at equipment hand out in July.

A payment installment plan is offered during registraton.


***TBJFC is continually trying to give our players the best competition and as an added benefit we look to post season tournaments to aid us in this endeavor. While not mandatory, each player should be aware his team's season may be extended with a finish date no later than December 15th.***



When does the season start and end?
Season usually starts the last weekend in July and usually runs through mid week of November.

Where do you practice?
Practices are generally held at Ravensdale Park. Location may change due to availability.

What times are practices?
Football practices usually run from Monday-Friday, 5:30-7:30 pm during summer and Tuesday-Thursday 5:30-7:30 pm, once school begins. Cheer practices are typically Tuesday – Wednesday and Thursday with Varsity and JV practicing an additional day.  Times are subject to change.

When should I pick up my child?
Always be prompt in picking up your child. Suggested time to arrive is 7:15, unless otherwise notified by coach.

Will you cancel practices due to bad weather?
Rarely. Rain or shine practice continues. Exceptions would be Lightning/Earthquakes etc. If such a condition occurs please pick up your child immediately.

We plan vacations during the month of August, will that be a problem?
We understand August is in the middle of the summer season and coaches take that into consideration. Attendance is important for several reasons including safety. Especially for first year participants who need to learn basic hitting skills.

Should I notify you if my child is sick or has a prior commitment during a games or practice? And how?
Yes, please notify your son/daughter's coach and/or team manager regarding any absences.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. Tahoma Bears Junior Football and Cheer is able to provide a limited number of PARTIAL scholarships to participants in need. Please stay tuned for more details and information on how to apply for the upcoming season. Click here for more information.

A payment installment plan is offered during registration.


If you questions or concerns, please contact us at registrar@tbjfc.org.